How to Add Filters to Your Search

In this guide, we will show you have to add filters when you search for specific vessels or ports.

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How to Add Filters to Your Search

There are a lot of vessels and ports out there and so ShipAtlas gives you

the option of narrowing down your search using filters.


1) Open up the search bar

2) Click on the adjustment button in the upper right corner of the search bar.

3) Once the filter pop-up field opens, click on the filters you want to add to your search, insert or choose the relevant values

4) Once you have set up the relevant filters, return back to the search and view the correspoding vessels or ports by clicking on the gray field above the filter pop-up.

5) Select the vessel or port that you were looking for by clicking on it

6) Once clicked on the chosen vessel or port, the app will show it on your map with its information card.

Note that you can always click on the "clear all button" to refresh your filters and start over.

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Congratulations! πŸŽ‰

You now know how to use the ShipAtlas search bar.

In the next guide, you will learn how to use the "vessels nearby me" feature!

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