The Limited Paid Features in ShipAtlas

In this guide, we will explain the usage of our limited paid features in ShipAtlas.

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Even though, on the free plan, most of the features are free forever, some are limited:

For those of you not an expert in shipping, these words may be confusing. Therefore, in this guide you can learn more about:

What Features in ShipAtlas are Limited?

Global AIS tracks

When you click on a vessel at the beginning of your ShipAtlas usage, blue lines appear behind and in front of the vessel. The thick and striped line shows where the vessel came from and the dotted one shows where it is going.

This feature, called vessel tracks, is using enhanced AIS data.

The enhanced AIS data also allows you to get the navigational status. current draft and estimates of whether vessels are in ballast or laden condition.

AIS voyage histories

When you click on a vessel and read about its voyage history you are using the feature based on historical AIS data.

Port Activity

When you click on the port that you are interested in, ShipAtlas offers you to see details like: weather at the given location of the port, vessels in port, recent departures, vessels at anchor, tide levels and much more!

Once your free limited paid features runs out, you can access them again by subscribing to the Standard or Premium plan! To see what each of the plans offer please visit here.

How to Keep Track of Your Usage of the Limited Paid Features

When you are inside the ShipAtlas map using the free plan, you can see a button with a dollar sign under the search bar on the left side.Click on the dollar sign.

"The Limited Features Remaining" information will show on your screen.

Here you can keep track of your usage.

Under the free plan, you start with 20 usages of the Global AIS tracks, 10 usages of the AIS voyage history and 20 usages of the Port Activity.

How To Keep Using the Features?

You upgrade to the Standard Plan! Which will give you unlimited access to the features. You can choose between a 1,3,6 or 12-month subscription.

✨ Sounds tempting, right? To see what each of the plans offer please visit here. ✨



Now you know which features are limited and what to do if you run out of them!

In our next guide, we will explain how to upgrade to a Standard Plan in ShipAtlas.

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