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ShipAtlas is a FREE product created for individuals. In this article, we will tell you about the ShipAtlas app and some of its features.

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Global AIS Tracking

With ShipAtlas you will be able to find the AIS positions of the world's merchant fleet with processed AIS data from more than 700 satellites and terrestrial senders. All the vessels have valid IMO; MMSI and class A transmitters and we map changes of flag and ownership.

Sea Route Calculator

The sea route calculator gives you the chance to discover the distance in a nautical mile from any of the vessel's AIS positions to any port or a combination of ports. You can also find ETA, days at sea, bunker ports along the route, and estimated bunker consumption. In addition to all this, you can route between ports.

Historical AIS Tracks

By downloading ShipAtlas you will get access to the AIS voyage/trading history for all the vessels. Find where they have been trading in the past and their intended next port. We have estimated whether a vessel is laden or ballast. Listed or shown as tracks on the map.

Search for Vessels and Create Unlimited Numbers of Fleets

In our ShipAtlas app, you can search by vessel name, IMO, or MMSI. Combine your search with; the type of vessel, LOA, beam, draft, year built, etc. Create unlimited numbers of fleet lists, and follow the vessels in real time on your map!

Ports, Canals, and Congestions

You are also allowed to find canal restrictions, view vessels waiting at anchorage, and find which vessels recently departed. So with our app, you can quickly find bunker prices and bunker availability, and do not forget that you can create unlimited numbers of port lists like; ports your fleet is trading mostly too!

Build Personal Decision-Making Maps

ShipAtlas also allows you to add: Sea Ice, Piracy, and Marine weather (updated every 24th hours) map layers. You can also choose between ECA/SECA, Economical Zone, Load Lines, INL, and Polar Codes, as well as a change to satellite mode in the map style section. Lastly, you can add your private info; fleet lists, or list of port, and sea route distance calculations to your map.

So what are you waiting for? ๐Ÿค”

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or create an account on the web version to explore all these features and more!

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