There are many different ways to navigate through an app.

In this guide, we will walk you through how to navigate in ShipAtlas.

The Main Menu

The main menu is important if you want to navigate yourself through ShipAtlas.

In the main menu, there are four buttons with different icons and each of them will bring you to a new page in ShipAtlas.

  • The Globe Icon: This is where you find and navigate the map in ShipAtlas.

  • The Sea Route Icon: This is where you use our sea route calculator.

  • The file: This is where you find your resources such as your notes, photos, vessel lists, port lists, and notification triggers.

  • The Person: This is where you find your profile settings and manage your account.

The Map buttons

Inside the ShipAtlas map, there are four buttons located under the search bar.

Each of these buttons has an icon, describing its purpose.

  • The Dollar Sign: This icon shows you the remaining usage of paid features.

  • The Vessel: This icon gives you access to the vessel segments,

    which you can explore in another one of our guides.

  • The Anchor: This icon gives you access to the port segments,

    which you can explore in another one of our guides.

  • The Paintbrush: This icon will show you the different map styles and layers,

    which you can add to your map. You can explore this feature in another one of our guides.

Zoom in/out

If you for example want to look at the vessels around a certain city you will need to zoom in on that city. Then when you are done you may want to return to the world map and will need to zoom out.

  • Zoom out by pinching your fingers together.

  • Zoom in doing the opposite, by stretching your fingers apart.

Zooming in: Zooming out:


Let's say you have zoomed in on England, but you now, you want to study the coast of Norway. Well, that is an easy fix!

  • Place your finger further up the screen where Norway is located, then start swiping.

  • When Norway appears on your screen try swiping your way to the finish coast, by swiping left.


In ShipAtlas you can choose between different options presented to you in the app by clicking on the buttons presenting the option you want.

Let us say you want to look at the status of your usage of paid features.

  • Click on the map button with the dollar sign icon.

    The paid feature overview will show on your screen.

  • If you decide you want to upgrade to get access to the paid features again,

    click on "Update".

  • If you only wanted to have a look and want to return to the map,

    click on the "X" in the upper right corner of the pop-up.

Choose / Dismiss

You will also need to click on the vessels and ports on your map if you want to know more about them.

  • Choose the vessel or port you want to learn more about and click!

    Their card will appear on the bottom of your screen.

  • To dismiss their card click on the map and their information card will disappear.

Next step

Congratulations! 🎉

You now know how to navigate your way through ShipAtlas.

In the next guide, you will learn more about the blue button menu in ShipAtlas.

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