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How to use search for ships and maritime ports in ShipIntel

Written by Tor H. Augdal
Updated over a week ago

It can be quit difficult finding a specific ship by just looking and searching for it own the map. That is why ShipIntel has made finding a specific vessel an easy task by having a search function easily available.

Search Function

When you are in the map view in ShipIntel you will find the search function on top of the page. If you click in this window and start typing you will find a list of vessels that include this letter combination. Type in more letters to narrow the search. You can also search for an IMO or MMSI number, but you will then have to type in the exact number.

Vessels is the default search, but if you are searching for a port click the Ports icon and you will find a list of ports that includes the same letter combination.


You can also narrow your search by using the filter function to the far right on your search bar. Click this and you get a choice of various filters that will narrow your search for a vessel or a port.

Nearby Me

If you are in a port or close to the sea, and want to see which vessels are in your vicinity click the "nearby me" button in the search bar. You will see the map focusing on where you are and highlighting the vessels near you. Click on the highlighted vessels to find their information.

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