Vessel Segments

Vessel Segments enables you to limit the amount of ships you see in the map, and quickly get an overview over your maritime segment.

Written by Tor H. Augdal
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In ShipIntel you will get real-time positions and vessel data on more than 85.000 ships. You will see the real-time AIS positions of all the vessels in the map provided by more than 700 satellites and terrestrial AIS senders.

โ€After we have collected the data, we spend time and knowledge in data wrangling. We clean and unify the messy and complex data sets for easy access and analysis, so you can get the most out of the vessel data we provide.

With all this information available on the relatively small screen on your phone the map can appear a bit full. In order to get a better overview, you should focus on the segment(s) that are of special interest to you.

In order to access the list of the different segments click on the Vessel button below the search field. You will then see a menu with ten different main segments. Scroll up or down to view the full list. If you click on one of the main segments you will get a new list with sub segments.

The sub segments are usually different sizes of ships within the main segment. The exception is the last three main segments, Oil Service, Combo, and Other, where the sub segments are different types of vessels.

You click on one or more of the main segments, and then on one or more of the sub segments, to see where these vessels are trading in the map. Click on them again to remove them from the map.

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