On your map you can use two fingers to swipe in or out on your map, and one finger to navigate the map which enables you to focus own a specific area of interest and see which ships are sailing in that area in real-time.

You can then use your finger to click on a vessel. When you click on a vessel a window at the bottom will open and provide you with the name of the vessel, the segment and sub-segment she belongs to, as well as the flag, summer deadweight, year of build and the speed she is sailing. In addition the view on the map will show you the route the vessel has been sailing and where she will continue(if available). Click any space without vessels to remove the vessel information.

If you want more information about the vessel you can expand the bottom window by tapping on it. At the top of the expanded window you will find further technical information by swiping left.

Below the ships name you will see the voyage information. If you click on the voyage information you will see when she sailed and when she is expected to arrive at the next port. The speed and when we last picked up the AIS signal can also be seen.

Under the voyage information you have five buttons.

Use the left voyage button to see the vessels voyage history. Click the arrow back to get back to the previous view.

Use next route button to open the sea route calculator which lets you calculate the time needed to reach any specific port. Click the map button at the bottom to revert to the previous view.

Use the middle list button to add the vessel to an existing vessel list or start a new one. Swipe down to revert to the previous view.

Use the next note button the create a note for this vessel for any specific information that you want to share with your team. Swipe down to revert to the previous view.

Use the final notification button to create an event subscription which will enable you to receive notifications when the vessel enters a port. Swipe down or hit the "close" button to revert to the previous view.

Use the see more button at the bottom to find the vessels main information on one page.

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