How to view the ETA on Vessels in ShipAtlas

In this article we will explain how you can access the ETA on different vessels in the ShipAtlas app.

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First, some basics, the ETA (estimated time of arrival) is

when a ship is expected to arrive at a specific destination, usually a port.

In the shipping and logistics industry, the ETA can for example be used to predict when the shipment will arrive at its final port of destination. The ETA can also be used for personal use such as tracking a shipping order or keeping track of someone working onboard a vessel.

How to access the ETA on Vessels in ShipAtlas

Step 1

Open your ShipAtlas map, click on a vessel of your choice, and open its vessel card.

Step 2

Do you see the blue and grey lines on the vessel card? They are showing the vessel's route, with the departure port on the left side and the arrival port on the right. The blue line is indicating how far the vessel has traveled and the grey line is indicating how far it got left.

Tukuma Arctica departured from GLGOH port, Greenland,

and will be arriving in ISREY port, Iceland:

If you click on the route, however, the information will change and you can now see the date of departure instead of a port. You will also see the estimated time of arrival appear instead of the arrival destination. You have in other words accessed the ETA of your vessel!

Tukuma Arctica departured from GLGOH port on the 10th of June

and is estimated to arrive in ISREY port on the 14th of June:



You now know how to view the ETA of any vessel in the ShipAtlas app!

In the next guide, we will explain how to add and combine port segments in your map.

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