The Shortcut Buttons Menu in ShipAtlas

In this guide, you will learn more about the shortcut buttons menu in ShipAtlas.

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When you become familiar with ShipAtlas,

you will observe that when you expand the view of a vessel or port card, a menu of blue buttons will always be displayed. Shortcut buttons menus can be seen:

The buttons in this menu work as shortcuts for other features in ShipAtlas and in

this guide, we are going to explain the purpose of each of these buttons.

The Shortcut Buttons Menu in a Vessel or Port Card

  • The Location Icon: A shortcut called "Locate in Map" which allows you to view the vessel or port in the ShipAtlas map as well as the given vessel's or port's coordinates.

  • The Note Icon: A shortcut called "My Notes" which easily allows you to access and create notes about the vessel or port.

  • The Route Icon: A Shortcut called "Create Route" which allows you to create a sea route with the vessel or port you clicked on.

  • The Clock Icon: A shortcut called "Voyage history" which brings you to read about the voyage history of the vessel. This is one of ShipAtlas limited paid features for those using the FREE plan in ShipAtlas.

  • The List Icon: A Shortcut called "Add to List". This button allows you to add the vessel or port to a vessel or port list. You could also create a new list.

  • The Bell Icon: A Shortcut called "Notifications". This button alerts you when the vessel arrives or leaves a port. Sounds interesting? To turn on the notification, simply click the button.

The Shortcut Buttons Menu in a Vessel or Port List Overview

The shortcuts in the vessel and port lists work in similar ways as the ones in the vessel and port cards. Reading from the left you can here find the "Notification" shortcut, the "Create Route" shortcut, the "My Notes" shortcut and the "View in Map" shortcut.


Congratulations! πŸŽ‰

You now understand our shortcut buttons menu better!

In the next guide, you will learn how to change the style of your ShipAtlas map. :)

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