All maritime professionals have a need for an updated database with a technical description of vessels. It can be your clients vessels, your competitors vessels, or your own fleet. In many instances this database has been a variety of spreadsheet information, pdf files, or word documents, saved on many different platforms. In ShipIntel we have created a platform that is tailor made to keep all of this information in one searchable database.

You can easily start building your own database by clicking on the Questionnaire module in your left hand meny, and then choose Create Questionnaire Template in the upper right corner.

You will find the vessel(s) either by typing part of the name in the search field, or by using the filter button to narrow your search to various segments. When you have chosen the ship(s) you want in your database, you click on Create questionnaire template in the bottom right corner of your list.

You will then see a list of the ships in your database on the left hand. The questionnaire on the right hand side belongs to the ship highlighted in blue. The information that is provided in the questionnaire is the information that is publicly available online. You can now start filling out your private information in the appropriate fields. This info will only be available for you and your team.

When you have added vessels to your database, you can use the left search field to find the right vessel, and the right search field to easily find the right section of the questionnaire.

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