What do notifications do?

  • Notifications on Vessels: These notifications let you know when the vessel arrives at a port.

  • Notifications on Ports: These notifications let you know when the port has new arrivals.

How to Turn on Notifications

This may be the easiest thing you can do in ShipAtlas!

Step 1

Open a vessel or port card in ShipAtlas.

Then click on the button with a bell icon on it.

When the button turns blue, the notifications are on.

Step 2 is not needed! It is that easy 😉

To turn off the notifications you can click on the blue button one more time and it will change to a light blue shade again. You can also manage your notifications under "Monitoring" in the sidebar menu.

How to Access and Manage the Monitoring Feature

Click on "Monitoring" in the sidebar menu.

A new page will open where you get access to all the notifications.

You can now monitor all of your favorite vessels and ports all over the world at your fingertips!

With the FREE or Standard Plan, you will be presented with two lists, presenting the vessels on the left side of your screen and the ports on the right side. These are all the vessels and ports you have turned the notifications on. Just click on the one you want to get updated on!

With the Premium Plan, you will find the notification triggers on the left side of the screen with the vessels on top of the screen and the ports at the bottom. The events matching your notification triggers are on the right side. You can also access statistics about ports and areas by selecting "Port/Area statistics" at the top of your screen. With these features, you can monitor ports and areas in a whole new way!


Congratulations! 🎉

You now know how to turn on/off your notifications.

The next guide will explain how to add photos to your vessels and ports.

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