You can save the route created in the previous guide by clicking the Save Route button at the bottom of your left hand menu.

You can now duplicate the route by clicking on the Duplicate button on your card. If you want to compare with the route to another port, just change the destination in the duplicated journey. You now have two cards, that you can alternate on clicking to compare to distance and time to a or several ports. The cards only show the ETA to the first port, and if you want to see the ETA to each port on the journey you have to click on More Details at the top of your route calculator.

You can click and drag on the ports in your sea route calculation to change the order of ports in the calculation.

You can also use the duplicate function again to compare to a third destination.

If you create a route from a port to a port where there are different alternative routes to the port, ShipIntel will choose the shorter route. The alternative route will also be shown in the map as an alternative. If the shortest route is via a canal, which most of them are, you will see a warning in the route calculator that it includes a canal, and give you the option of avoiding the canal. If you want to compare the two routes, duplicate the first card and then choose avoid canal on the duplicated card. Remember that you can see the details of each voyage by clicking More Details at the top of the route calculator.

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