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How to Navigate & Search in ShipAtlas
How to Navigate in ShipAtlas - Side Menu Functions
How to Navigate in ShipAtlas - Side Menu Functions

In this guide, you will learn how to navigate in our product by using the sidebar menu.

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We want to make ShipAtlas a super user-friendly product so that everyone who wishes can use and enjoy our product. We hope you will find the next guides useful.

The Sidebar Menu Functions

The sidebar menu is on the left side of your ShipAtlas map. This menu is important if you want to navigate yourself through ShipAtlas. In the menu you can access:

Each of these represent different features in ShipAtlas, so let's learn more about them!

🔍Search Bar

The first thing visible at the top of the main menu is the ShipAtlas search bar. Here you can search and find vessels by name, IMO or MMSI, or by using more advanced search filters such as LOA, beam, and year built. Search and find ports by name, country, or UNECE/Locode. We have a separate guide for our search bar where you can learn more.


By clicking on this "Map", you can monitor selected vessels, their subsegments, and ports on the ShipAtlas map.


By clicking on "Notifications", you will be able to access a list of vessels and ports that you have set the notifications. You can also access a dashboard for managing notification triggers (Premium only), enabling you to select the vessels and ports you wish to monitor. Receive notifications about the types of vessels arriving, departing, or setting their destination to a specific port.

⬆️Upgrade Account

By clicking on "Upgrade Account", you will be able to upgrade your subcription plan.


"Monitoring" is a Premium plan feature. With it, you can monitor unlimited amount of vessels, ports, canals and straits. In addition, you will be able to find the average time spent at anchorage and in port for different types of vessels, which vessels visited specific areas, and much more!

📍Advanced Sea Routes

"Advanced Sea Routes" is also a Premium plan feature that offers in-depth sea route planning. However, in the free version, you can route from any of the vessels' AIS positions to any port, or from a port to a combination of ports.

🚢Vessel Lists

By clicking on "Vessel Lists", you will be able to view your created vessel lists.

🏘️Port Lists

By clicking on "Port Lists", you will be able to view your created port lists.

📷 Photos

Here you can add photos of specific vessels and ports or view already added photos.


View, add and edit notes that you have added for specific vessels or ports.

ℹ️ My Profile

At the bottom of the sidebar menu, you will find your personal settings. Here you can edit your account settings and access ShipAtlas customer support. You will also find the End-User Agreement, subscription agreement, cookie policy, and privacy policy.

Next step:

Congratulations! 🎉 You now know the sidbar menu functions and what's hiding behind them.

In the next guide, you will learn more about the map layer menu :)

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