We want to make ShipAtlas a super user-friendly product so that everyone who wishes can use and enjoy our product. We hope you will find the guide articles useful.

The Sidebar Menu

The sidebar menu is on the left side of your ShipAtlas map. This menu is important if you want to navigate yourself through ShipAtlas. In the menu, there are 9 icons representing different features in ShipAtlas.

  • The Search Bar: The first thing visible at the top of the main menu is the ShipAtlas search bar. Here you can search and find vessels by name, IMO or MMSI, or by using more advanced search filters such as LOA, beam, and year built. Search and find ports by name, country, or UNECE/Locode. We have a separate guide for our search bar where you can learn more.

  • Map: This is where you find and navigate the map in ShipAtlas.

  • All Voyage History: This is where you learn more about the free limited features you have as part of the FREE plan in ShipAtlas.

  • Upgrade Account: This is where you can learn more about the Standard Plan upgrade in ShipAtlas, as well as make the actual decision to upgrade.

    Note that if you have already upgraded to the Standard plan, the dollar sign would be replaced with a credit card icon. In this case, the button would give you access to the ShipAtlas shop where you could look at your billing details.

An example of the sidebar menu for a FREE plan user:

An example of the sidebar menu for a Standard plan user:

The next part of the sidebar menu shows icons representing your resources in ShipAtlas. We will explain your resources more thoroughly in another one of our guides. Reading from the top and down, you can access the

  • Sea Route Calculator

  • Vessel Lists

  • Port Lists

  • Photos

  • Notes

  • Monitoring (notification triggers)

At the bottom of the sidebar menu, you will find your personal settings. Here you can edit your account settings and access ShipAtlas customer support. You will also find the End-User Agreement, subscription agreement, cookie policy, and privacy policy.

The Map Layer Menu

If you take a look at your ShipAtlas map you will notice four more icons at the upper right corner of your map. Reading from the left you have the

  • Vessel Segments

  • Port Segments

  • Map Styles and Layers

  • Weather Layers

How to Zoom in/out of the ShipAtlas Map

If you, for example, want to look at the vessels around a certain port, you will need to zoom in on that port. Then when you are done you may want to return to the world map and need to zoom out.

If you are using a touchpad:

  • Zoom out by pinching your fingers together.

  • Zoom in doing the opposite by stretching your fingers apart.

If you are using a mouse:

  • Zoom in and out by scrolling on your mouse.

If you are using the ShipAtlas buttons:

  • Zoom out by clicking on the minus sign in the lower right corner.

  • Zoom in by clicking on the plus sign in the lower right corner.

An example of zooming in on the ShipAtlas map:

An example of zooming out of the ShipAtlas map:

How to Use Our Rotation map feature

Above the plus and minus signs, you may notice a third button with two arrows on it.

This button gives you access to our rotation feature. When turned on, this feature starts rotating your map. We especially recommend trying our 3D Globe map projection with this feature!

  • Just click the button and choose which speed you want on the rotation.

How to Swipe Through the ShipAtlas Map

Another way to get around in the ShipAtlas is to swipe from one location to another.

In ShipAtlas, this is easily done!

  • Click and hold on to your mouse/touchpad and start dragging the map toward the location you want to have a better look at in your ShipAtlas map.

How to Use the Click Function

In ShipAtlas, you can choose between different options presented to you by clicking on the buttons presenting the option you want.

Let us say you want to add all sub-segments in the "Tanker" segment.

  • Click on the "All sub-segments" button to choose that option.

    If you want to de-select all of the sub-segments, just click on the same button.

    The sub-segments will be removed from your map.

Next step

Congratulations! 🎉

You now know how to navigate your way through ShipAtlas.

In the next guide, you will learn more about the blue button menu in ShipAtlas.

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