Easy and Free

  • In ShipAtlas, registering a free user account and accessing AIS info for the global merchant fleet is quick and easy.

  • We are spending a lot of time and knowledge processing and mapping data, and all the vessels are using Class A senders, and have valid IMO and MMIS numbers.

  • You can run on the free version forever, or upgrade to the standard or premium subscription plans.

One of a Kind Sea Route Calculator

  • With the ShipAtlas free version, you can experience the only sea route calculator that routes from your mobile from a vessel's AIS position. It is a super quick and easy-to-use sea route calculator that finds the shortest route, from any vessel's AIS position, with speed, ETA, nautical miles, and time in the sea. Single-leg or multi-legs. You can also route between ports. No need for a waypoint. Drag and drop the line, just as in Google maps.

  • In the premium version, you can find optional sea routes from one vessel to one port, you can route several vessels to one port, and you can route a vessel to several ports.

Daily Updated Marine Information

  • Port activities, tides, local time, canal constraints, congestion, marine weather, ice conditions, and Anti Shipping Activity are all updated daily.

  • You will also find Economic zones, Polar Codes, ECA/SECA zones, etc.

Free and Dedicated Support Chat

  • ShipAtlas offers a free-to-use and dedicated support chat integrated into the application to assist you at any time. Almost 24/7, because we want you to succeed. Chat with us when you have a question, find a bug, or have an idea!

One Login, Multiple Devices

  • Download the app or use ShipAtlas on your laptop. One login and your data are automatically synced on all your devices. Share your position from your mobile and you will find the vessels nearby you.

So what are you waiting for? 🤔

Download our app in App Store or Google Play,

or create an account on the web version to explore all these features and more!

Register a free user account here: https://app.maritimeoptima.com/register

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