It is easy to forget your password, but that should not mean you going to lose access to your account! Therefore, you can easily create a new password in ShipAtlas, should you forget the old one.

How to Create a New Password

Step 1

Open the ShipAtlas sign-in page. Under the SSO icons, you will see the email sign-in section. Now, click on the grey text under the password section that says "Forgotten Password?".

Step 2

On the next side, type in your email and click on the "Send Me My Link" button.

Step 3

Check your email inbox for a mail from us that says

"ShipAtlas by Maritime Optima Password Reset".

If you don't see the email, please check the Spam and Promotions folders.

When you have found it, click on the reset link.

Step 4

The link will open a new page in ShipAtlas,

where you need to type in your new password.

You will also need to confirm your password by re-typing it below.

Once you are done, click on the "Change My Password" button.

ShipAtlas will bring you back to the app, successfully logged in.

Note that the next time you log in, you will have to type in your new password.

Next step

Congratulations! 🎉

You now know what to do if you ever were to forget your password.

The next guide will teach you all about your account settings in ShipAtlas.

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