How to Reset Your Password

This article explains how to reset your ShipAtlas password.The information is not relevant for those who use the SSO login.

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In Maritime Optima we prioritize personal security, which is why we have made it super easy to change your password in ShipAtlas should you ever want to make a change.

How to Reset Your Password

Step 1:

1) Click on the "My Profile" icon at the bottom of your screen in the left corner.

Step 2:

1) Once on the "My Profile" page, click on the "Edit profile" button

Step 3:

1) Click on the "Change password" button

Step 4:

1) Click on the "Send me my link" button. You will then get a reset link sent to your email.

Step 5:

1) Check your email inbox for a mail from us that says "Set up a new password for ShipAtlas". In case you do not find email in your inbox, please check the spam and promotion folders.

2) When you have found it, open the email and click on the green button with "Reset password" on it. The link will open a new page in ShipAtlas.

Step 6:

1) Type in your new password, and confirm your password by re-typing it again.

2) Once done, click on the "Change My Password" button. After that you have to log in your ShipAtlas by using your existing email address and the newly created password.

Next step:

Congratulations! ๐ŸŽ‰You now know how to reset your password.

The next guide will show you how to reset your password without being logged in. This could be useful if you ever forget your password during a log-in.

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