In ShipIntel it is easy to check the distance, or the time it will take to sail, between two ports.

ShipIntel gives you the possibility to easily calculate a sea route to and from from any portin the map. This is a great feature to have if you want to check the time it takes to navigate or the distance between two ports.

Click on the Sea Route module in the menu at the left of your screen, and choose From a Port. Enter the name of the port in the search field or pick a port from the list of your recent searches. You can also use the funnel button to the right in the search field to use filters in your search.

If necessary, you can edit the speed and consumption of voyage. If you are happy with the given information, you click Choose Destination at the top, and enter the name of the port in the search field.

If you want you can also search the route to multiple ports by clicking on the Add Destination button. When you have added the port(s) to the sea route calculator you will see the route the vessel will take in the map, and a card in the bottom of your map showing you the ETA, distance, time at sea, and the consumption on the voyage. You can change the speed and consumption, or click on the vessel symbol to the right of Voyage Information to use the speed and consumption of a specific vessel.

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