Create a Port List

How to create a port list to help you monitor the shipping activity in your part of the maritime sector

Written by Tor H. Augdal
Updated over a week ago

When you are in the map view press the Ports button in the upper right corner.

Choose Lists from the pop-up screen. Click Create a new list to start the search for ports. Enter a name for your new list.

When you have named your new list you will see a new window. You can either search for ports individually by entering the name, part of a name, or country, of a port in the search field, or you can click on the Filters button on the right of the search field to get three filter options.

You can add several filters.

In this example you now have a list of ports in Algeria where LPG ships are calling. When you have chosen your filters, you add ports to your list by clicking on them. Or you can select all of them by clicking in the box to the left of the Name heading. When your list is complete you click Add Ports at the bottom right side.

You will then see the list you have just made. If you find that you need to make any changes to your list, you can delete ports by clicking the x after each port. If you want to add ports to your list click the Add Ports button in the upper right corner. You can also delete the list to start over by clicking the More options button. Or if you want to see your list in the map, click View in map. You can also add notes or any relevant documents to your list that will be available for your team.


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