Making and using lists is an easy way of keeping up with ships or fleets that are of special interest to you. It could be a clients or a competitors fleet, or it could be a certain sub segment that you have a special interest in.

When you have created a list or several lists, you can easily check the vessels on your list by first clicking the Home in the left hand menu, and then clicking Vessels list and then choosing your list. If you want to highlight the vessels on your list in the map click View in map. You will now see all the vessels on your list highlighted with a colour circle around them.

You will also see a window on the left with your list on the left hand side of the map. If you move your cursor over the ships on your list a small window will appear over the relevant ship in the map, giving you the main information about the vessel and her voyage. In order to see all the ships in the map it is best to scroll out to the maximum, but if you are in the Globe Map Style you could risk that half the vessels are hidden on the backside of the globe. Click a ship in your list to get more information about that specific ship, and see the route she has and will sail. Click the x at the top of the ships window to return to the list.

Click the x at the top of your list to remove the window.

You can have several list highlighted in the map, but you will only see the list of vessels on your left hand side for one list at the time. You can highlight, or un-highlight, all your list in the map by clicking on Vessels, then List, and then the list or lists you want to see.

Note the small window on the left of your lists where you can change the colour that is used to highlight your list, as well as a More Details button that you can use to see and edit the vessels on your list.

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