ShipAtlas has made it easy for our users to add photos of your vessels or ports in ShipAtlas, and it is the same way for both of them.

How to add photos of your vessels or ports

Step 1

Open a vessel or port card of a chosen vessel or port and click on the "Add Images" button in the blue button menu.

Choose whether or not you want to add a picture from your gallery or take pictures with your camera. In our example, we are choosing a picture from our gallery.

Step 2

After the picture is uploaded scroll down your vessel or port card.

Notice the section called "My Recent Photos" at the bottom of the screen, then click on "See all" to view all of your photos.

Step 3

You have now opened your vessel or port gallery.

Here you can view your photos by clicking on them, add more photos by clicking on the plus sign in the upper right corner or delete the ones you have already added by holding on to the photo you want to delete until a tab shows up with a delete button.

How to access your photos from "My Resources"

Step 1

Go to "My Resources" and click on the "Photos" section.

You now see an overview of all your photos in ShipAtlas.

If you want to edit any of them, click on the vessel or port and repeat the steps explained above.

Step 2 is not needed! It is that easy 😉


Congratulations! 🎉

You now know how to add photos to your vessels and ports.

In our next guide, we will explain how to add notes to your vessels or ports.

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