View Your Vessel List on the Map via Your Resources

Step 1

Go to "My Resources" and click on "My Vessel Lists".

Click on a vessel list of your choosing.

Step 2

In the vessel list menu, you can choose "View In Map".

By clicking on this, ShipAtlas will open the map showing all the vessels on your list and their vessel card. Start swiping to the left at the bottom of the screen where all the cards are to read more about your vessels!

View your vessel lists as vessel segments

Step 1

Go to the ShipAtlas map and click on the vessel segments button under the search bar.

On the top of the vessel segments overview, you will see two categories; segments and lists.

Click on "Lists".

Step 2

Select the vessel list you want to be shown on your map by clicking on it.

When a vessel list is selected, the colored line next to it will be thicker.

You can select as many vessel lists as you want.

To unselect a list, just click on it one more time and the line will become narrow again.

Notice that you can create a new vessel list in the same way as we have explained in our earlier guide. You can also access the vessel list shortcuts by clicking on the "more" menu next to the vessel list names.

Step 3

Close the tab by dragging it down or clicking on the map behind it.

Now, explore your vessel list!


Congratulations! 🎉

You now know how to view your vessel lists on your map!

In the next guide, we will explain how create a port List.

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