Sea Route from Port

How to find the distance and time between to maritime ports by using Sea Route.

Written by Tor H. Augdal
Updated over a week ago

In ShipIntel it is easy to check the distance, or the time it will take to sail, between two ports.

Click on the Sea Route button at the bottom of your screen and choose From a Port.

Enter the name of the port where you want to start your route, or choose it from your list of previously searched ports.

Click the Add Port button and search for the port where you your route to end. You can add more than one port by clicking the Add Port button again. When you have added your destination port(s), click the Show Route button at the bottom. You will then be able to see the route in the map, and you will see a card at the bottom of the screen showing you the distance and the sailing time between your chosen ports, as well as the consumption on the main and auxiliary engine.

You can slide up on the card to get more information about the route you have chosen. If you need to edit your route you can use the Back Arrow in the top left corner.

Please also note that you can start a route directly from any port information page by clicking on the Create Route button from a port when in port view.

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