Making and using lists is an easy way of keeping up with the activity in ports that are of special interest to you. The lists gives you a quick and easy way to check what is going on in the port on a daily basis.

When you have created a list or several lists, you can easily check the ports on your list by first clicking the meny choice at the right of your list, and then clicking find in map. You will then get a view in the map where the ports on that list is highlighted. In addition you have a screen at the bottom of the view with information on one of the ports on the list. Swipe right or left at the bottom to switch between the ports on your list, or click the window to get more information about that specific port.

Click anywhere in the map without ships to remove the window at the bottom.

You can highlight, or un-highlight, all your list in the map by clicking on them, but you will only get the windows at the bottom by choosing find in map from the menu, and only from one list at the time. See the colour on the left of your list change intensity as you click and unclick on them. This is the colour that you will see highlighted in the map.

Each list will be assigned a colour in the map, but if you want to change colours you can choose that from the meny.

The meny on the right of each list also gives you the option to delete ports from your list by clicking edit, add ports to your list, or delete the list in full.

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