How to Search for Vessels Nearby You

In this guide, we will show you have to use the "Vessels Nearby Me" feature in ShipAtlas.

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ShipAtlas offers "Vessels Nearby Me" feature to discover and learn more about the vessels in your proximity easily! Designed for convenience and enjoyment.

For the ultimate experience we recommend turning on the satellite map for this feature.

How to Search for Vessels Nearby You

Step 1

In order to use the "Vessels Nearby Me" feature, ShipAtlas has to be able to locate your position. Therefore, make sure that you have enabled the access to your location through your mobile settings.

Step 2

Click the location icon button to the right of the search bar to zoom in on your location and display vessels nearby with red circle markers on the map.

Step 3

Swipe the cards to switch to other vessel cards

ShipAtlas displays a vessel card and highlights the vessel on the map with a blue circle.

Step 4

1) Click on a vessel to see its card at the bottom of the screen

2) Click on the vessel card and then click on "See More" to learn more

Note that by clicking on a chosen vessel you are leaving the "Vessels Nearby Me" feature.

3) Click on the "Vessel Nearby Me" button again if you want to go back to the total overview

Step 5

To return to your regular map afterward, just click on any space in your map.

Next step

Congratulations! πŸŽ‰

You now know how to use the "Vessel Nearby Me" feature in ShipAtlas.

In the next guide, you will learn how to change the style of your map.

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