🌎 Maritime Optima Pro is a data and knowledge driven maritime software empowering you and your colleagues to work from anywhere.

In Maritime Optima Pro you can add notes to almost anything: a vessel, a port, a vessel

If you are using a web-based app:

  1. Search for a vessel in the Vessel Center, or just click at the vessel on the map.

  2. Select "Vessel contacts" in the questionnaire.

  3. Click "Add contacts" button.

You can also add contact details from the vessel technical template, in many of sections. To see it, open Public questionnaire. Then choose a section (Ownership, Insurance) and add the contacts you would like to save.

After you have added contact information, like phone numbers and e-mail addresses,

you can call from your phone and send emails directly from the templates.

Mobile App

This is how you can add contact details to a vessel, if you are using Maritime Optima Pro as a mobile app:

  1. Search for the vessel in the vessel center or point at a vessel in the map.

  2. Open the vessel description and scroll down until you see "Private Info" folder.

  3. Select "Contacts" and add contact details:

You can also add contact information in many sections in the vessel technical template.

For example: ownership, insurance, classifications etc.

Next steps

After you started to work with adding data to vessels, here are some tips for you what to do next:

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  • Check how you can track vessel with a simple or advanced Vessel search

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💡 We recommend you to use both the mobile app and desktop application to get the best of Maritime Optima Pro. Use the same login. Synced in real-time.

If you have any problems or questions, let us know in the chat box or send an e-mail to post@maritimeoptima.com and we will help you.

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