🌎 Maritime Optima Pro is a data and knowledge driven maritime software empowering you and your colleagues to work from anywhere.

After you have registered, you can edit your profile.

You will find account settings in the left bottom corner:

Here you can customize your settings: set up Profile, add teammates and switch between your accounts.

Don't skip Terms of Use - here you can find some legal documents.

You can also reset your password in your account settings.

  1. Click the profile icon in the bottom left of your screen and choose "my Profile"

  2. In the menu on the left, select the My Settings tab.

  3. Click on "Send me the link" and you will get an email to the email address you provided.

  4. Follow the instructions provided in the email, and you successfully will change the password.

Note, that you can edit your account settings only in the web-based application.

Next steps

After you sign up in your account, here are some tips for you what to do next:

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💡 We recommend you to use both the mobile app and desktop application to get the best of Maritime Optima Pro. Use the same login. Synced in real-time.

If you have any questions, please just send us an e-mail: post@maritimeoptima.com or a message in the chat so we can help.

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