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You can use Team Fleet and My Fleet separately or you can combine the features with the smart Voyage Calculations.

The smart Voyage Calculations helps you run many pre-voyage calculations simultaneously for a group of vessels and cargoes, and compare the TCE and carbon emission on the different combination of vessels and cargoes. By using the Smart Voyage calculations you will save a lot of time running pre-voyage calculations and sending e-mails.

Why set up your team fleet?

After you have invited your colleagues to your team, you should set up your teamโ€™s fleet and assign the commercial (or operational) responsibilities for the vessels to your colleagues. As a chartering team, you will then quickly find who is responsible for fixing a specific vessel next time she is open.

Each team member (colleague) will then find the list of vessels under his command in his list (under precalc in the menu).

You and your colleagues can:

  • Quickly find the overview of the vessels in your fleet, who has the responsibility to fix the vessel and where the vessels are in the map

  • Easily have access to each team mate's fleets of vessels to work in the market

  • Quickly do voyage pre-calculations on a group of vessels and cargoes, and compare their TCE results and their carbon emissions.

Start by inviting your colleagues to your team

so you can assign vessels to each of them. You will find team setting in the bottom left corner of your web screen (if you use a web-based app).

Set up your Team Fleet

Click on Vessel Center and Team Fleet in the menu (the first time you open Team Fleet it will be empty). Add the vessels you and your colleagues operate and assign each vessel to a team member / colleague. The Team list can later be updated automatically if you want us to parcel your position e-mails directly to your workspace (only you will see that).

Click "Add Vessels" button on the top right side and select the ships you want to add to your fleet. You can find your vessels by searching by name, IMO, or MMSI, or you can use the filters.

After you have added your vessels, set the open port, ETA and ETD on the last discharge port (the port the vessel is fixable /open).

Assign the vessels to different colleagues and then each of the colleague will find a List of vessels they are responsible for under "Pre-calc"" in the menu.

View the teams fleet or a colleague's fleet of vessels in the map

On the Team fleet page (above), you can click the "View in map" button in the right top corner, and then you will find all your vessels listed and their positions in the map:

On the right side menu, you can select only your fleet (or one of your colleagues) fleet of vessels:

Each colleague will have his /her fleet listed under Pre-calc:

He can now quickly do voyage pre calculations for his group of vessels or he can do voyage pre-calculations on some of the vessels in his fleet. Go to "Cargoes" and add cargoes you want to calculate on, or start your voyage pre-calculations by selecting "Create pre-calcs" on your "My fleet" page.

You can also quickly view his group of vessels in the map by selecting "View in maps". Hover over the vessel listed and find the vessel's AIS position in the map:

Next steps

If you have any problems or questions, let us know in the chat box or send an e-mail to post@maritimeoptima.com and we will help you.

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