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How to invite members to your team in Maritime Optima Pro

If you wish to invite new members to your team, first you should go to your Account settings. You might also want to read about Working in a team basic information.

The account settings can be found in the bottom left corner. Click on the round icon and you will see more tabs opened.

Choose "Team Profile" from here.

Then click on the blue button in the upper right corner - "Invite members".

After you have clicked on the button, you will see the text field where you can insert email address of the person you would like to add as a team member.

The invitee will receive an invite via email. When your colleagues have accepted your invite, they will be shown as members in your team.

Before the invitees have accepted their invites, you can revoke the invite.

You can also make any member "inactive" and free the seat for a new member you want to invite. The the deactivated team member will be moved to the list "Inactive". You can de-active that member anytime you want.

The list with invites sent by you, is listed under "Invites".

Let's say that you wish to invite a student to help creating vessels or port lists. Just invite them, and later when they has finished their work, you can deactivate their team membership. Your team will still keep the access to all the work these employees have done with vessel lists, questionnaires, etc.

If you want to deactivate a member, select the three dots on the right side behind the a-mail, and choose "deactivate". Then the member will be moved to your "Inactive" list.

Note, that only the team owner can add and remove team members.

If you are a member of several teams, they all will be shown under your account settings:

You can add your own team, or add the teams you have been invited to as a member. And you can easily switch between your teams.

Add a team

In order to add a new team, first you should click on "Add more teams" button and then "Sign in to one of your other teams".

Provide the email you got the invitation to, or use the SSO to log in to your team.

Next steps

After you started working in a Team, here are some tips for you what to do next:

💡 We recommend you to use both the mobile app and desktop application to get the best of Maritime Optima Pro. Use the same login. Synced in real-time.

If you have any problems or questions, let us know in the chat box or send an e-mail to post@maritimeoptima.com and we will help you.

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