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To start using Maritime Optima, you will first need a user account. If you don’t have one already, you can sign up for free here: app.maritimeoptima.com

Having access to vessels past voyage can open a sea of possibilities for you. It is a part of Standard Plan Subscription, and it is a useful chartering tool if you want to have a better overview of the situation on certain market.

To check any vessel's trading history, choose a vessel, either from the map, or from the Vessel Center.

You will see a "Voyage History" button right under the vessel picture on the left side.

Voyage history is based on AIS data we collect:

Now you will see the Vessels voyage's trajectory on the map.

Click on any port or location in the left column, and you will see the part of the route which fits under this criteria:

Here we have chosen Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby), August 2021. We also can see the previous port the vessel has been to Singapore before and can track, where the ship went after (Singapore again).

In the example below, you will see where Eva Maersk has been trading between the 13th of July to 16th of October:

If you click on the vessel's name, you will be taken to the page with vessel's details and will see its trading history presented as a list of ports.

Check out the port visits based on historical AIS data, as well as the information about when the vessel was moored, its duration, and when it sailed.

If you would like to get back to the map again, just click on the blue button "View in map" in the upper right corner. You also can click on any port in the table and you will be taken to the map then.

Mobile App

Here is how to view vessel historical AIS track, if you use Maritime Optima as a mobile app.

  1. Click on a vessel which voyage history you would like to see.

  2. Go to the vessel public information and select Vessel Voyage History.

  3. Check the table with destinations and dates

  4. Go to the map if you want to and see vessel historical trading data right on the map. Go from one port to another (scroll through the ports) to see the historical track.

Next steps

After you started to work with vessel voyage history, here are some tips for you what to do next:

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  • Study our User guide to learn how to set up different features in Maritime Optima and try them out

  • Check out the Pricing Page, so you know what Plan fits best to your needs.

πŸ’‘ We recommend you to use both the mobile app and desktop application to get the best of Maritime Optima. Use the same login. Synced in real-time.

If you have any problems or questions, let us know in the chat box or send an e-mail to post@maritimeoptima.com and we will help you.

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