Register ShipAtlas Account with Email Address

In this guide, you will learn how to register a new account in ShipAtlas by using your personal email address.

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Step 1:

1) Open this link, in a new tab, in your preferred web browser:

2) The page in front of you should now look similar to the picture below.

Step 2:

1) Click on the blue button that says "Register New Account"

2) Choose between a single sign-on or email registration

Step 3:

1) Type in your email address and your chosen password in the sections below the single sign-on icons.

2) Confirm your password by repeating it in the last section

3) Click on the "Create account" button.

If you want to see the signs that are written while typing your password, click on the eye icon with a slash line over it. When done correctly, the slash line will disappear.

Note that you need to create a password with at least 6 letters.

Step 4:

1) Check your email inbox for the activation verification link to complete your signup. If you don't see the email, please check the Spam and Promotions folders.

You can also contact us at if you need any help.

Step 5:

1) Activate your account by clicking on "Confirm and get started" button in the email.

Step 6:

After activating your account by clicking on "Confirm and get started" button in the email, you will be redirected to ShipAtlas web application. After that, the ShipAtlas "Welcome" pop-up will appear on your screen. Follow the steps provided in the introduction to learn more about our product. :)

Note: We also highly suggest to go through seven-step tutorial at the end of the introduction by clicking on "Yes, help me get started" button. It will help you to better navigate through the app and use it to the fullest already from very first clicks! :)

Next step:

Congratulations! πŸŽ‰ You now know how to register an account in ShipAtlas!

Our next guide will explain how you log in and out of the product.

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