With Maritime Optima you will have access to information on more than 5,200 ports around the world.

If you work with the specific ports, this is a feature for you.

It may be a list of ports can contain ports you call frequently (under a named contract), or a list of ports for a typical segment in a specific country, or a list of bunker ports.


Go the the left menu to the Port Center, and then click on the Port Lists.

Here you can create a new Port List.

Use the filters to find the information you need and add the ports you need to your list.

Name your list and select a color. This will make it easier to identify and differentiate the various lists in you map view.

Save your list.

Edit a port list

Select the port list you want to edit.
Note: you can also pin it as your "favorite". Then later it will be shown in the top results, when you will choose which port layers to add to your map.

You can remove a port from your list, or add new ports:

When you have created a port list, you can add the list to your map from the menu on the right side in the map. And if you want to see it at the top of results, you can pin it as your "favorite"

To have quick and easy access to information about a port can be of value to you and your team.

The possibility to have information about the weather, tide and bunker possibilities and also other useful information you add to your ports, can give you valuable input for you planned call or for a forward call.

When you create a port list (or several) you can add them as layers in your personalized map.

Some example of port list:

✔️ You want an overview of dry bulk ports in a specific country.

✔️ You want easy access to information of ports you call frequently

✔️ You want an easy overview of ports where you can replenish bunkers.

If you have created a list of bunkering ports you call regularly in the Med area, you can create a list of "Bunker ports in Med area" and add to your view. Since part of the information applicable in our Port information are bunker prices and availability you can access each port to check this information.

By clicking on each port in the map one can enter it's details:

You can also add notes to your lists of ports.

In Maritime Optima you can add notes to almost everything. When you have created a port list you can start adding notes. If you are working privately (you have not invited any members to your team), you can add notes to your lists of vessels, ports, a specific vessel or port instead of writing your comment on a piece of paper.

Open a list of port you have already created or create a new list of port.

Select notebook and start writing a note or view the notes added earlier.

Open the Team Notebook from the menu on the left and you can filter notes by author or subject:

Mark and select a note, and you will be taken to the place where the dialogue took place:

Mobile App

You can create and edit port lists from your mobile phone as well.

Open the Click on the "Port list" from the menu under the hamburger.

Create a new list the same way as you do on the web version. Give it a name, choose a specific color and save.

You can also edit or delete your lists of port, or you can add notes.

Select the list of ports and vessel from the menu at the bottom of the screen:

If you have invited in a member to your team, everyone in the team will have access to each others port lists (and vessel lists). You can add notes and a comments and everyone in the team will save time.

Open port lists from the hamburger menu and open the 3 dots on right side of your list and select notebook.

View or write a new comment/note and when you finish, press enter.

If you want to view all notes added by any of the subjects vessel, port, port list or vessel list, select "notebook" from the menu on the left (under the hamburger menu)

Select to filter by author and/or subject:

Select the author or the subject you are looking for. If you select (point at the note, you will be taken to the place where the dialogue took place:

Any questions? Please send us a message or an e-mail: post@maritimeoptima.com.

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