In Maritime Optima you can upload and access all drawings on the web or from your device. Both you and your team mates can add or view drawings.

Useful information about a port being drawings or pictures of loading or discharging installations or information/documents you have stored on your computer, for instance a travel report concerning the port in question.

From the web

Search for a port in the port center or select a port from the map.

Select "Documents and drawings" and add the documents you want:

You can add notes to any of the document, download the document or delete the document. (If you want to view the document, you have to download the specific document, since we only support the photo file formats for viewing documents):

From your mobile:

Search for a port from the port center in the menu (under the hamburger menu) or point at a port in the map and pull the info box up:

Select Documents and drawings.

You can view the documents which are uploaded (from a computer / web) if you download the documents.

You can add a Note/Comment to a document if your select the document and then select the "Document notebook" :

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