IIn Maritime Optima you can add notes to almost "anything"; a vessel, a port, a vessel list, a port list, a photo, an album or documents. So instead of writing in your physical notebook, you can add a "digital note" from your mobile or the web and easily find your comments later.

You can add your private notes or if you have invited in members to your team, you can all write notes / comments on a vessel.

From the web:

Write / comment to a port by selecting "Port center" in the menu, search for the port by name, look for the "Port notebook" icon and write the note.

Attach a note to a port by pointing at a port (or search for a port in the port center) and select "Note book":

A note for a port can be all kinds of information pertaining to a port.

Write a note about the port like; "If you want to bunker in this port, remember to use the agent XXX" or "Last time we bunkered a vessel in this port the bunker was contaminated" or "add 6 hours ++ for NOR time in this port".

Information you have added from your desktop will be handy available on your mobile (and visa versa):

From your mobile:

Open your hamburger menu in the upper left corner, select Port center and start searching for a port or point at a port in the map.

Select Notebook and start writing a note/comment. When finished, select enter (the arrow) and the note / comment is automatically stored on the port.

Any questions? Send us an in app message or an email; post@maritimeoptima.com

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