All the info you add to a port will only be available to you or your team, if you have invited a member to your team.

You can add photos, documents, contact details or notes to any of the port.

This article is how to shoot or upload photos.

From the web:

You can either search for a port in the port center or you can point at a port from your port list.

Select the port you want to work with and select "Photos and images"

You can upload as many photos or images you want. It is also possible to upload and organise photos simultaneously in named albums (which makes it easier to find later).

Examples of photos and images may be photos of loading or discharging equipment or drawings of special constructions to be aware of.

It might also be how the terminal look like and what will influence the port operations, loading or discharging operations.

If you already have store some photos on your hard disk, you can easily "drag & drop" the photos to a port (or a vessel)

Drag & drop a photo:

From a mobile:

Open the port center and search for a port by using the criteria you prefer (remember to select "add filter" after you have selected a criteria (e.g country) or point at a port in the map (remember to have the "All port layer on if you want to find a port on the map)

With your mobile phone you can open the camera function and take photos which will immediately be stored on the port you have chosen. If you log in on your computer, you will also access the photo there.

Select: "Photos and images" from the port menu and shoot photos:

If you want to use the photo you choose "Use Photo" (or retake if you are not happy with your photo). The photo will immediately be attached to the port.

Invite your agent, or the port captain for a short period of time, and let them help you take photos to the ports. Then everyone on the office can quickly access the photos.

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