In Maritime Optima you will find more than 5 200 ports.

You can see them all if you turn the "All port" layer on.

Now let's learn more about Maritime Optima Port Center 🙂


Select Port Center in the left menu.

You can find any port by using the search, or by just clicking on the port on the map.

Besides the port search, you will also find here your Lists of Ports:

You can also check the list of bunker ports with prices:

Upload files or pictures:

Or check you Team Port Activity (this feature is included in our Standard Plan).

After you made a search, point at a port in the list and an "Port info" box pops up. You can view the port in the map by selecting the "port coordinates":

When you select the port coordinates, you will be taken to the map. Here you can see a box the some information about the port:

In each port you will find some public information visible to everyone, or you can add your private information like photos, documents, drawings and contact details.

Select the port and enter the "Port details" tab to access further information about the port:

For each port you can find information about:

  • Real-time weather in a port and access a seven-day forecast (wind direction, wind speed, humidity and precipitations). See screenshot further down on this page

  • Tidal information about the ports with the current height and variations next 7 days.

  • Last known bunker prices per bunker grade and bunker availability in the ports and the last 7 days average bunker prices for different grades in different ports. See screenshot further down on this page.

  • Overview of the vessels currently in the certain port

  • Overview of recent departures

  • Size restrictions in the port based on the information about vessels visited the past (for Standard subscription)

Example of "Bunker prices" for the port of Rotterdam, Netherlands:

We can also view the biggest vessels visited any port measured in beam, LOA, draught and deadweight (dwt) per segment (dry cargo, tanker, LPG, LNG etc)

Mobile App

Search for a port from the port center or click on a port in the map. Select the criteria you prefer and if you e.g select "country" remember to add "Add filter" and the select a country".

  • Open your hamburger menu in the upper left corner or point at a port in the map.

  • Select "Port Center"

  • Select the criteria for your search from the drop down menu. When you have selected a criteria (say country), select "add filter" and search for ports within Algeria.

You can also add private information to each port. Then you should use the button above and learn how to add your private information to any of the ports.

In each port you can view more information by selecting the bars above. Below you will find information about the weather, tide gives you tidal water and bunker prices, grades and availability :

Check out this short video tutorial about new Port Center in Maritime Optima:

Any questions? Send us an e-mail or an in-app message 😃

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