In Maritime Optima you will find more than 5 200 ports.

You can select to view all ports in the map or you can turn the "All port" layer off.

From the web:

From the mobile:

Search and find a port from the port center on your computer /web:

Select Port center in the menu.

You can find a port by using the search criteria in the port center or pointing at a port visible in the map.

Point at a port in the list and an "Port info" box pops up. You can view the port in the map by selecting the "port coordinates":

When you select the port coordinates or point at a port from the map, a "port information box pops up":

In each port you will find some public information (available to everyone using Maritime Optima) and you can add your private information like; photos, documents, drawings and contact details.

Select the port and enter the "Port details" tab to access further information about the port:

You will find articles on how to add and view photos, documents, drawings and contact details here:

To search and find information on a port from your mobile:

Search for a port from the port center or click on a port in the map. Select the criteria you prefer and if you e.g select "country" remember to add "Add filter" and the select a country":

When you have selected a country (Here: Algeria), you can search for ports in Algeria.

select "Port Details" under public information and find the public information available for each port. Some of the port information is only available for the those operating on a standard subscription. If you want to unlock these features, you need to login on your computer.

You can also add private information to each port. Then you should use the button above and learn how to add your private information to any of the ports.

Any questions? Please reach out to us in app message and we will assist you!😃

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