Take your time to create vessels lists for different purposes and you can very quickly have an understanding about competitors and certain opportunities.

Whether you are an investor and want to know how many Suez max tankers are younger than 5 years, or you are a steel producer and want to create a list of vessels between 5 - 10 000 dwt own by Wilson, Maritime Optima will be a perfect tool 👍

After you have created lists of vessels by using our advanced search, you can add the lists to the map as information layers. Just select the lists you prefer and choose the color you like.

Web version (on the menu on the right side in your map)

Add the lists (or group) of vessels matching your search criteria and then add them to your map. The vessels from your lists will be marked with a circle. If you hover over any of these vessels, you can view short descriptions of these vessels:

Same for ports. Add the lists of ports matching your criteria and add them to the map. The ports from your list will be marked with a square:

Mobile devices

Select the icon at the bottom menu and switch between Vessel lists and Port list. Choose the lists you would like to add to the map.

You can learn how to create lists of vessels in this article:

You can learn how to create lists of ports in this article:

Anything we can assist you with? Send us an in-app message or an email to post@maritimeoptima.com 😊

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