Vessel & Port Icons

Start by selecting the "Vessel segments" on the right side.

You can choose different colors for different vessel types, so it would be easier to track them on the map:

These icons represent vessels in motion:

These icons represent vessels that are moored or anchored:

And if you zoom in, you can see the precise vessel shapes.

When you make a list of vessels, the vessels in your list will be shown on the map with a circle around.


Let's turn on the tanker segment and the sub-segment VLCC, and make some lists with VLCC operated by different owners. You can see them on the map now:

Icons for vessels from your list (vessel is in motion):

Icons for vessels from your list (vessel is moored or anchored).

This is the port icon:

When a port is listed in a port list, the port icon will have a square box around.

Now we have added to the map both port list and vessel lists:

Different colors for different segments

You can see different colors of segments, because it is different vessel types.

In Maritime Optima you can choose among these main segments:

  • Dry bulk
  • Tanker
  • Chemical
  • LPG
  • LNG
  • Oil service
  • Combo
  • Other

You can switch between segments and sub-segments anytime you want.

Within each segment (or vessel type) you will find sub segments and you can select the colors of the sub-segments from the color pallet.

The vessels within the segments you have chosen will be shown in your map represented by the colors you have chosen.

Select the vessel segments you prefer (on the right hand side in the map on web, or from the bottom menu on your mobile)

Now chosen segments and sub-segments settings will be saved on all your devices.

Web version

Open vessel segments and select the sub-segment you prefer. Change color by pointing at the color pallet. It is a very practical solution to distinguish different types of vessels, yet so simple 🙂

Mobile App

Select vessel segments at the bottom of the map page and select the segments and sub-segments you prefer. Mark them with different colors.

When you have chosen the segment and sub-segments you prefer, you can continue building your personalized maritime map by adding list of vessels, list of ports, different weather layers or other information layers.

If you have any questions, please just send us an e-mail: or an in app chat so we can help 😊

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