Even though you are working as a part of a team, each team member can create his private decision making map and adjust it to his needs.

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There are more than 65 000 vessels in our vessel center and 5 200 ports. It is a lot of data! But you may be interested only in certain vessels or ports, so you can adjust Maritime Optima to your needs. We have made it super easy for you to filter away vessels and ports you don't want to see, so you won't get distracted.

Segments & sub-segments (Vessel types)

You can change segments (vessel types), add or remove sub segments from your map any time you want. So if you have selected dry cargo vessels, but want to view the tanker vessels as well, you can switch between these segments. If you rest the mouse pointer on any vessel, you can see her name and sub-segment:

If you are using Maritime Optima from your mobile, select the vessel segment and sub-segments from the bottom menu.

You can change the colors on the sub-segments and segments. Just click on the color you like.

If you point at a vessel on the map, you will see basic info about the ship. If you would like to see more info, then you can pull the small box up.

Add vessel and port lists to your map

On the web you select the vessel and port lists from the menu on the right side. On your mobile you can select the vessel lists and port lists from the bottom menu. You can change colors of your vessel and port lists the same way as for the sub-segments.

You can learn how to create a list of vessel here:

You can learn how to create a list of vessel here:

Vessel lists examples

  • If you fix ethylene cargoes regularly and prefer Solvang’s vessels you want to know when they have a vessel in position for your cargoes. You can create a list of “semi-ref / ethylene carriers" owned or operated by Solvang.

  • Traders can create a list of vessels they frequently fix, which lets them know where those vessels trade. They can also ask for a “P&C freight quote”.

  • If you are working within Panamax chartering, you can create lists of vessels to your competitors. One list for each competitor in different colors.

  • If you are an investor or work within a classification company, you can create a list of vessels you want to buy or inspect. You can follow these vessels in your map so you know where they are headed and plan your inspections.

  • List of Panamax dry cargo vessels less than 5 years old or Suezmax tanker vessels less then 3 years.

Port lists examples

  • Iron ore ports in India

  • Tanker or LNG ports in USG

Add the map styles

We have created different map designs and information layers so you quickly can access tracking and vessel data you need.

Charter parties have clauses allocating risks when navigating in areas with changing seasons and potential ice. CP clauses refer to cargo intake, loading dates and INL for insurance coverage and the vessels are classed according to the classification companies requirements.

Let's say you are heading towards the winter and you can't remember when the load line zones changes, or where the Polar Code apply.  We have made it easy and quick to select and de-select different type of information on the map. You can add many layers or just one, depending on your needs.

You can also have a glance at the ice conditions in the Arctic:

If you prefer the satellite mode instead Maritime Optima colors, you can switch to a satellite mode 🙂 

Check the weather in port or in sea

You can check what is weather today or a weather forecast for the next 7 days.

Maritime Optima let you track Wind, Wave, Ocean currents, Ice and Precipitations.

Here is a map where we have combined different layers of information:

  • Precipitation

  • Loadline

  • Dry bulk - Ultramax

  • Vessel lists for different competitors

If you are using the mobile device, you will find the map layers at the bottom menu.

  • The icon on the left is for vessel segments and sub-segments.

  • The icon in the middle is for vessel list and port lists.

  • The icon on the right is for map layers and map styles.

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