🌎 ShipAtlas by Maritime Optima is a data and knowledge driven software for everyone interested in vessel data, tracking and trades, port activities, congestions, sea routes, marine weather, ice conditions, piracy, zones and maps.

To start using ShipAtlas, you will first need a user account. If you don’t have one already, you can sign up for free here: app.maritimeoptima.com

We offer easy and quick solution for chartering business and vessel tracking. And remember: you can log in to your account in ShipAtlas from any device.

The main menu in your ShipAtlas account

Mobile App

In the top part of your screen you will see Vessel Search. Start typing to quickly find vessels or ports.

In the bottom menu you will find three buttons: your map, your resources (with Port lists and Vessel lists you have created) and Account settings

In the top menu you will see Vessel types and segments, ports, and different map layers and zones, such as INL, ECA and others.


This is our map. Now you can start adjusting it to your taste and needs.

There are three map styles: Satellite map style, Dark map and Light map.

Right menu - add layers and build your own decision-making map

The menu on the right (web version) is for adding layers and filters to your map.
If you use a mobile app you will find it at the bottom of your screen.

  • Segments & sub-segments (Vessel types)
    Start by selecting a segment (for example Dry cargo) and sub-segments you are interested in.

  • Ports
    You can see all port data, bunker ports or region ports

  • Weather layers (web only)

    Here you will find information on the weather layers. Check out wind, waves, ocean currents and precipitation.

  • Map Styles and Layers
    Besides the Map Styles, you will find here different zones: ECA/SECA Zones, Load Line Zones, International Navigating Limits, Polar Codes, Sea Ice Map

    Anti Shipping Activity, Canal restrictions

  • Add Vessel Lists & Port Lists

    Here you will find all the Port lists and Vessel lists you have created.

Left menu - searching and adding content

The menu to the left is for searching, creating and adding content.
In the mobile app you will find it in the left upper corner.

  • Vessel center
    In the Vessel Center you can search for vessels, create lists of vessels, view their trading history, view and create questionnaires, add photos, drawings, contact details and notes.

  • Port center
    In the Port Center you can search for ports, create port lists, access available bunker grades and prices, view tidal information, weather and the biggest vessels visited the ports, add notes and view a user log showing all the activity done.

  • Notebook
    Use Notebook to view and search for all the notes you have added.

    Find your notes searching by subject.

  • Sea Route Calculator
    With Sea Route Calculator it is a quick and easy to calculate the sea distance and number of days from a vessel’s position to any port, or from port to port.

  • Congestions (web only)
    Here you can study the congestion in Suez and Panama canal.

You will also find here User guide (the one you are reading now), chatbox with Customer Support and your Account settings.

If you need more features, you can also upgrade to a Standard Plan by clicking on one of the banners inside the app.

Next steps

After you sign up in your account, here are some tips for you what to do next:

💡 We recommend you to use both the mobile app and desktop application to get the best of ShipAtlas. Use the same login. Synced in real-time.

If you have any questions, please just send us an e-mail: post@maritimeoptima.com or a message in the chat so we can help.

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